Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves for Keychron K3 and K6

60% mechanical keyboard case or sleeve for travelling
60% mechanical keyboard sleeve (standard size) in charcoal grey with brown bottom

Brett from Australia recently received his second Modern Coup mechanical keyboard sleeve and was kind enough to share photos of his travel setup.

His first purchase, a 65% Large Bezel mechanical keyboard sleeve, was for a Keychron K6 and this time around he wanted something to fit his new Keychron K3–a slim, low-profile 75% keyboard.

The Keychron K3 is actually considered a 75% keyboard but, because it uses low-profile switches and is very slim, has the same dimensions as a standard 60% keyboard so his second purchase was for one of our 60% mechanical keyboard sleeves in the Standard size.

Brett takes his Keychron K3 when he’s traveling or on the go. Since the sleeve is lightly-padded in the front to protect the keyboard and its keys, he says it’s perfect to pack in his bag, along with his laptop, cords/accessories pouch and glasses. Judging by how neatly-organized everything is in the photo, it looks like he’s very skilled at packing!

60% and 65% mechanical keyboard case or sleeve
For the 60% mechanical keyboard sleeve Brett opted for a Charcoal Grey with a Brown bottom trim. Just below it is the 65% Large Bezel mechanical keyboard sleeve in a Midnight Blue with Charcoal Grey bottom color.

case or sleeve for Keychron K3 and K6
Top: Keychron K3 in Charcoal Grey 60% mechanical keyboard sleeve.
Bottom: Keychron K6 in Midnight Blue 65% Large Bezel mechanical keyboard sleeve.

With the Keychron K3 and 60% sleeve seeing use while away from home, the bigger and less portable Keychron K6 stays in Brett’s workshop. When not in use, it lives in the 65% sleeve for storage and protection.

65% mechanical keyboard case for Keychron K6

Thank you again, Brett, for sending these great photos. It’s always nice to see how our sleeves are being used. I hope they serve you well for many years to come!

All our sleeves are handcrafted and take about 1 week to make before shipping out.

You can see all our sleeves and cases by visiting our store at or clicking on the “Shop Cases” link anytime.

Thanks for reading!

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