30% Off Discontinued Totes

Large Zipper Tote With 2 Front Pockets. Custom colours: all black with brown leather straps.


It’s the end of the first full week of the New Year. Happy New Year, by the way. I had a slow start as I tried to get back to my work routine. However, there is a lot to be done and I now feel the creative energy coming back.

During the holidays, the online shop was re-designed. I know… I just can’t stay away. After 2 days of relaxation, I started getting the jitters and had to go touch my work.¬† Anyhow, I am now working on getting the tote bags onto the site.

The bags will be brought back with added refinements. They will have the 2 exterior pockets¬† included and a key ring attached. This used to be a custom-add on, but more and more, it has become a necessity. I find the pockets very useful for belongings which you need to grab quickly and for water bottles. Throughout the years, this is the number one customization, so I think it’s about time it comes with the bag.


Medium Zipper Tote – All Black

Meanwhile, I do have a few bags left, which don’t have the 2 pockets added. They are on sale now for 30% off the regular price. I don’t think that you’ll ever see this kind of discount again. So, if you need a nice, simple and sturdy tote bag, it’s a good chance to get one.


Here’s a couple more bags with the 2 front exterior pockets:

Large Carrier Tote. Custom Colours: All black with midnight blue bottom and black leather straps.


Commuter Bag. Custom Colours: charcoal grey with black leather straps.






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