Modern Coup 2020 Sample Sale and Black Friday Mechanical Keyboard Case Special


I hope all our American friends had a nice Thanksgiving. This year may not be the celebration you were anticipating, but there are major things to be thankful for. In the last few weeks, we saw a Joe Biden presidential win to 3 drug companies in the approval process for the Covid-19 vaccine. As this year progresses, we all need something to look forward to.

I can’t believe it’s Black Friday again. This year, for obvious reasons, I think it’s taken a more laid back approach. Online sales have started much earlier and been spaced out to not inundate the postal system and get a head start. As a very small business, I don’t really do a lot of sales, but I do want customers to have something of value. I made a limited number of  all black 60% mechanical keyboard cases or sleeves, which are usually only made through custom ordering. The special price forgives the custom colour fee of $15usd and as an added bonus takes off a few extra dollars off.



A week or so ago, I looked at some of my inventory and decided that it would be a good time to sell some of it through a sample sale. Some of these 60%, 65%, Apple Magic keyboard and TKL cases are ones we’ve used for photos, sizing, to see how some colour combinations look and some of them are just extras I’ve made. As I said, I don’t usually hold sales, so this is a good time if you need one. I think a sample sale is a good way for customers to get extra value, so this may be the start of an annual event.


On the bag front, please enjoy free shipping to Canada and USA. International shipping will be reduced.


The shipping Christmas deadlines this year is even sooner than usual. There are no guarantees at this time, but the order by dates are as follows:
Canada and USA: December 7th
All other international countries: November 30th


Until we meet again… I hope you have a good follow up to Christmas. -Cat




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