This Week in the Studio: A Custom HHKB Hybrid Sleeve and an Olive Green + Brown TKL Carry Case

I apologize for the complete lack of updates from us since Christmas of last year. Finding the time to blog while running a business between the two of us has been really challenging.

Going forward you’ll be seeing more frequent updates with me taking over the blog posting duties. This should give Cat more breathing room to focus on the production and design of our products.

Easter Promises Reddit MechanicalKeyboards subreddit Giveaway Custom Midnight Blue + Yellow Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve

Easter Promises Giveaway

We just finished running our latest giveaway over on /rmk and chose a lucky winner yesterday.

The custom Midnight Blue + Yellow 60% sleeve above is shipping out to them this week!

I personally love this colorway and it’s a perfect match for GMK Nautilus:

The second round of GMK Nautilus is still open until May 5th so head on over to Dixie Mech and get your order in while you still can. There are also links to the other country proxies at the bottom of the page.

Custom Color Olive Green + Dark Brown TKL Carry Case


Photo of Custom Olive Green + Dark Brown TKL Carry Case

This week saw our first custom Olive Green + Brown colorway order for one of our TKL Carry Case. I just love how the two colors contrast with the rich color of the leather straps.

The Carry Case makes it easy to get your keyboard in and out without worrying about damaging it.

While plastic, the Leopold FC980M is rather hefty. It isn’t overly heavy so it can be carried it upside down in the Carry Case while the detachable USB cable is stowed in the front pocket. Keyboards that don’t have a detachable cable have to be carried and stored with the cord towards the carry handle so the cable can be routed into the front pocket easily.

A heavy-duty magnetic snap keeps the flap securely closed while the two leather straps and buckles help distribute the weight and secure the rest of the keyboard further in the Carry Case. We did a lot of testing (and transporting!) to come up with a good balance of both form and function.

I may be one of the few crazy people on the planet who likes to tote my keyboard around but I wouldn’t have it any other way. With hot desking and working from home the norm these days,using your own personal keyboard rather than sharing an input device is my preferred way to go.

Our TKL Carry Case will fit a large majority of mechanical TKL keyboards including compact 1800-layout keyboards like the Leopold FC980 (pictured below).

Both TKL Carry Cases are currently on sale for 20% OFF and are available in our stock Charcoal Grey + Dark Brown or Midnight Blue + Dark Brown colorways.

You can choose your own color combination by adding the Custom Color Add-On to your cart. Pick and choose your own body, bottom trim, pull handle and leather colors and go crazy. Or go for a classic look like the Olive Green + Dark Brown combo here.

Green With Envy: A Custom Fit Olive Green + Brown 60% Keyboard Sleeve for an HHKB Hybrid

UPDATE: Our stock 60% sleeves now fit the HHKB Hybrid and HHKB Pro 2 BT–no need for a custom order!

A custom order is only necessary if you’re planning on getting HiPro keycaps for your HHKB and want to give it a bit of breathing room in the sleeve.

Next up we have a custom fit 60% sleeve in the same colorway going out to Gary in California made specifically to fit an HHKB Hybrid and a set of HiPro keycaps planned for a future install.

The vanilla HHKB Pro 2 models will fit into our 60% sleeve just fine but the wireless BT and new Hybrid models have a battery hump that prevents them from fitting in properly. A custom fit sleeve solves that problem nicely. While the Hybrid has a smaller battery hump than the Pro 2 BT model, it still sticks out a fair bit and prevents it from slipping into our stock 60% sleeve properly.

Below is a photo of our stock 60% sleeve in Midnight Blue (left) next to the Olive Green+Brown custom sleeve meant to fit the HHKB Hybrid. The custom sleeve for the HHKB Hybrid is made slightly longer and wider to accommodate the protruding battery hump.

You can get a custom sleeve for your very own HHKB Hybrid (or any other keyboard really) by filling out our contact form¬†and let us know what keyboard you’re looking to fit.

See our collection of 60% mechanical keyboard sleeves by clicking here oryou can visit our store at anytime.

Until next time, keep on clacking!


– Christian

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