Custom Pouches For Sorting Legal Letters and Notices

These custom pouches are for Lexi in Shawnee, Texas. She wanted pouches big enough to sort her legal letters and notices for work. She ordered them in midnight blue and orange. I really like these size pouches.




Lexi has been looking for large size pouches for quite some time and was happy she was able to order them in the size she wanted. Typically I won’t make custom size bags, I haven’t made before, because they haven’t been tested for use. However, with pouches I’m pretty confident in how they will work out. These ones were really streamline. Lexi messaged me when she received them and said they’re perfect for her use.


11″ W x 6″ H x 1″ D (28cm wide x 15cm high x 2.5cm deep)

MATERIALS:  Lightly waxed canvas that is water resistant. This proprietary blend of wax treated onto a premium heavyweight canvas is made from a family-run textile company established in the 1830’s.

Regular Stock Pouches come in 4 different colours: red, orange, charcoal grey and brown. Please take a look in the shop if you’re interested in one.




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