Customized 65% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves For A 75%, Nyquist Split Ortho And A Lumina Corian 60%


This week we have not one, not two, but three custom 65% mechanical keyboard sleeves going out to some lucky new owners!

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve for a Split Ortho Nyquist

First up, in our stock Dark Brown + Black color, is a customized 65% mechanical keyboard sleeve for Sean.

This particular sleeve is for a split ortholinear Nyquist with a custom wood case and SA profile keycaps.

Due to the thicker wood case and the height of SA profile keycaps, our stock 65% mechanical keyboard sleeve needed to be made quite a bit wider to accommodate the keyboard. Hope you like it Sean!

Custom Sleeve for a Lumina Corian 60% Keyboard

Next up, in our stock Midnight Blue + Charcoal Grey color, is a custom 65% mechanical keyboard sleeve for Tan.

This sleeve is meant to fit the upcoming Lumina Corian 60% keyboard. The Lumina is a very interesting keyboard and it’s unique claim to fame is that it’s going to be made of Corian–a material typically used for countertops. Definitely an interesting choice for a case!

Here’s a better look at one of the prototypes and how it sounds from one of my favorite YouTubers, Nathan Kim:

The Lumina looks fantastic in white especially in an HHKB layout. The thock sure sounds nice!

Custom Sleeve for a High Angle 75% Keyboard

Last, but not least, we have a custom 65% mechanical keyboard sleeve for Cyril in our stock Charcoal Grey + Dark Brown color for a 75% keyboard with a very high angle, aluminum case which looks very much like the Klippe.

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