1st Annual Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard Meet-Up 2018 At Beaumont Studios

The 1st ever Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard Meet-Up happened a little over a week ago on Sunday, March 25th. My husband, Christian, and I participated as a vendor and it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was being inducted to the world of mechanical keyboards.



Here’s Christian at our table ready to answer all the questions about what keyboards fit into our 40%, 60% and 65% cases

This is one of Christian’s interests. I’ve been watching him build these keyboards and sharing it online for at least the last couple of years. When he asked me to design some cases for them, it seemed a little strange as I didn’t know anything about these keyboards. Upon hearing his plea, I felt there was something really special about them and they do deserve a nice carry case.



The meet up took place at the Beaumont Studios by the city centre. The organizers rented the main floor space for this event. Usually the Beaumont has rental studios for artists and makers.



I took a few pictures of a few keyboards presented. Some attendees brought their mechanical keyboards to display for everyone to see.


Here’s one with a grey and green colour scheme. It has quite a few artisan key caps in those colours, too.


I like this one because it as a fidget spinner key cap. I was thinking that if my husband has it on his keyboard at home, our boys will keep on spinning it. That won’t drive us crazy at all…


This is a number keypad, I think. With all the artisan key caps on them, I can ‘t be sure.


Here’s Louisa of SpecialeeMade. She was also a vendor of keyboard sleeves there. We’ve liked each other’s work on Instagram, but this is the first time we met. She’s also an interior design student at a nearby polytechnic.

What I found interesting about the world of mechanical keyboards is that there are a lot of females using these. Louisa is one. She said her cousin introduced her to them. Also, many of our customers are female, which is really  nice to see.


What I found really heartwarming was that a group of people came out on their precious Sunday afternoon, brought their beloved keyboards and shared them with everyone. They stayed for the full 3 hours. I liked the camaraderie and enthusiasm that these keyboards bring in people.

There was a lot of clicking going on. Everyone was able to try out the keyboards. What’s interesting is that ears were right next to the keys as the test clicking happened. The sound that the keys make are very important to the user.


Here’s one that has a sorcery theme kind of look to it.


A lot of colourful keycaps on large keyboards and there are some really tiny ones.


There are even artisan key caps made out of chocolate!

Monster artisan key caps. Many of them are collectibles and are made in very small quantities.











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