Update: Production of the 60 and 65/68% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves or Cases Has Started!

Thank you everyone who participated in the group buy for the 60 and 65/68% mechanical keyboard sleeves or cases. With my husband, Christian (/u/pabloescobyte), we hosted a group buy on Reddit’s Mechmarket. We ran it for 1 week and it just ended last Monday, August 14th.

I’m overwhelmed with the response we got for these. In total we got over 100 orders, so I’ve got a lot of work to do! The mech keyboard community have been incredibly generous and supportive. So many nice comments and good suggestions.

Production has started. I’m tracing all the pattern pieces and cutting them out. When I cut it like this by hand, rather than use my machine cutter, it saves a lot more of the lightly waxed canvas and minimizes a lot of waste.


There are stacks and stacks of keyboard sleeve parts in the studio. When I make things by small batches, I’m very productive. For example, I’ll sew 20 pockets at a time and do another 20 of another part. Trace, cut, sew and repeat.


There’s actually a lot more stacks of material in the studio, I just couldn’t fit it all in this frame.

For anyone that has purchased from the group buy and is reading this post, thank you so much. I’m an independent designer who always wants to produce things that are useful, beautiful and long lasting. For these to be appreciated makes me incredibly happy.


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