Stock Pouches Revised: Version 2.0 With Optional Personalization

I changed the size of the Stock Pouches slightly, added a new colour to the line up and added an optional personalized leather label to it.

Orange is the new colour in the selection (and no, it is not the new black). There’s also charcoal grey, brown and red.

The size is 9.5″ W x 4.25″ H x 1″ D (24cm wide x 11 cm high x 1″ deep). I gave it a bit more height and depth than version 1.o. I think this allows it to carry a lot more.

The optional personalization is a nice touch, especially if it’s for a gift. I emboss 3 initials onto it.


What’s interesting about the Stock Pouch is that it becomes what the owner uses it for. In this case, it’s a “film pouch.” What??? Isn’t film dead? Tell it to the camera enthusiasts, like my husband. It seems to actually be alive and well.


Red is also an interesting colour. My main customers for red pouches are men. They wouldn’t necessarily buy a red bag, but I think it’s acceptable as a small accessory.


As I always say, “organization is key.” This pouch can hold your phone, wallet and keys. You can then put it in your bag to be nice and secure.


You can now find the Stock Pouches in the shop. Thank for coming by!




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