New Bags: Pouchette Purses In Black, Charcoal Grey and Brown | Handmade in Vancouver | Water Resistant Waxed Canvas and Leather

It’s Thursday night in Vancouver and I just can’t believe how fast this week is going. Recently, I’ve been also working on Sundays on custom orders. I like being busy, especially since I’m running my own small business. Being not busy is…not so good.

I got a chance this week to photograph the Pouchette Purses. I had to wait for a nice weather day for the natural lighting to take pictures. It’s been raining a lot here lately.

Some of you may recall that these look quite similar to the Petite Purses I had and you’re absolutely right. I made them a little bigger because customers were custom ordering them in a larger size to fit their iPhone 6 size phones and essential belongings.

When I first designed the Petite Purses, phones were a little smaller, so the size was adequate. A sign of the gadget times, I guess. I thought that I should also change the name of the bag to reflect that it is a little bigger than “petite.” So, here are the Pouchette Purses in black, grey and brown. I hope you like them!



Here’s the grey one. These are really nice to take with you when you just want to take your essentials. I like to take mine on walks, to the park with the kids and when travelling (when I’m lucky enough to get away).



It’s also available in brown. The water resistant lightly waxed canvas will wick away the rain, which makes this purse very practical.



Another good way of using this bag is to put your essentials in it and put it in a larger bag or tote when you carry more. When I was working in an office, I used to carry a tote and put a little purse in. Then when it’s time to go out for coffee or lunch, I would just take the purse instead of carrying a big bag.



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