What A Medium Zipper Tote Looks Like After 3 Years of Use

This Medium Zipper Tote in charcoal grey was purchased by Miranda in Toronto, Ontario 3 years ago. Recently, Miranda contacted me and asked if I would customize this bag and put a crossbody strap on for her. She said she really likes this tote, but also wants to wear it across her body, like a messenger bag.


The above picture is of Miranda’s tote. She kept it in really nice condition.



This is Miranda’s tote after the crossbody/shoulder strap was put on. Actually, this bag is called the Carrier Tote in the shop. It’s a very versatile bag because it can be worn on the shoulder or messenger style.

After 3 years, the bag is in fairly good condition. The wax has faded somewhat, but the wear on it is minimal.

I like working with this lightly waxed canvas because it doesn’t rub off on your clothing or anything that the bag touches. As you can see, the rub off is very little considering it was used for a number of years. Some waxed canvases or cottons are heavily waxed and it just gets onto everything. Having said that though, it really depends what you’re using it for. Remember, this material was originally used in the sailing industry, so they needed it to be really waxed and tough.



I took this picture of the straps because I wanted to show you how these leather straps have darkened, softened and gotten really nice over time. They are, though, still very strong.



These are the parts I used to add the crossbody strap to the bag. A mixture of solid brass,  antique brass hardware and vegetable tanned leather.




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