Looking Forward to Warmer Days at Granville Island


I found some pictures from this past summer of Granville Island that I haven’t posted. I’ve written a post about Granville Island before, but because it’s one of my favourite places to go in Vancouver, I’ll be posting a few more.

I’m looking forward to warmer days, so I can go there with the boys without taking forever to get ready and getting all bundled up. They miss going there, too.

The above picture is of the Aquabus that runs along False Creek. If you take it from Granville Island to the other side, that’s the westend of downtown (which I’ve written about before). There’s also English Bay over there, a really beautiful beach. It costs $3.50 one way for adults and $1.75 for children age 4 and up. You can see Aquabus’ info and pricing here.


The dock of the Aquabus is at the back of the Granville Island Public Market. Here are the boys getting some free balloons from a staff member. A cruise and a free balloons?! No wonder they like this place.


Within walking distance from the public market is the Kids Only Market. It houses toy stores, candy stores, an arcade and games area (think mini Chuck E. Cheese) and food stands. They also hold a good Halloween event each year where there are free hot dogs and trick or treating. I would recommend going if you have young kids. See the picture here of Pax when we took him for the first time.

At the back of the market is a pond, a playground and a free waterpark. Those are Canadian geese swimming around looking for food.


Here are the boys all happy and dressed in light summer clothing. It didn’t take over 30 minutes for us to get them ready to go out. They didn’t need their big coats and boots. Warm weather and kids just work together.


At the Granville Island public market, I got them a plate of fries and ate it at the back of the market. Fries never tasted better. If I let them, that’s all they would want to eat for lunch.


After the fries, the little one was in such a good mood, he even started dancing to the music of one of the performers.


Now I recall, this was actually last Canada Day so there was a big crowd. There is limited seating inside the market to have your food, so many people take it out back and sit on these steps to eat.


Another shot of the back of the market. This is where the Aquabus dock is, where people eat, see the performers and enjoy themselves. I really like coming here and having a coffee.


It’s also a boat dock. There’s another dock at the entrance of Granville Island where you can buy seafood from the fishermen’s boats.


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