Custom Bag: Commuter Bag with Luggage Strap That Doubles As A Bike Strap

I had an interesting request for a Commuter Bag from Elizabeth, in Washington, D.C., this past December. She’s a cyclist and wanted to add a luggage strap to her bag. The purpose of the strap is two-fold. It would be used on her travel suitcase, but it would also double as her bike bag. Elizabeth described how she wanted the luggage strap to be a bit shorter so that it would be a good fit for a spring on her bike rack. I’m not familiar with this, so she sent me a picture of it (see below).

I’m always pleasantly surprised at how clever customers, like Elizabeth, are. I design something for one purpose and customers see how else it can be used. Bravo, Elizabeth! I never would have thought about using it this way.



I forgot to take a photo of Elizabeth’s bag with the luggage strap. Here’s a photo of the brown Carrier Tote with the strap just for you to see what it looks like.



Here’s the photo she sent me showing the back of her bike. The bike rack has a large spring clip, so the luggage strap would slip into that.



It’s mid-December and obviously too cold for Elizabeth to be riding her bike. She was so nice to send me a few shots of how the bag would work when she received it (I was very curious). The spring would lift up, put the luggage strap through and let the spring down to secure the bag in place. Pretty cool!



Here’s a shot of how the bag would travel with her. I like her bike. I can just imagine her riding around in D.C. in nicer weather. The waxed canvas is water resistant, so it should help somewhat if there’s a little rain.

Thanks Elizabeth for showing me this! It’s a great idea.


NOTE: The Commuter Bag also comes in all black and a brown/black combination. If you would like to order one, you can do so on the online shop. Please select the tote you’re interested in and you can add the luggage strap from the custom add-on menu. Thanks!




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