New Custom Add-Ons: 2 Front Pockets and Luggage Slot for Trolley Suitcases

For over a year now I have been taking custom orders. I think one of the most requested features is to add 2 front pockets to a bag. To make the ordering process easier, I have added this feature to purchase right from the shop.

This is a great add-on for any bag in which you have to access your belongings conveniently, like a diaper bag or a bag for work. It’s ideal for water bottles, baby bottles, folded umbrellas, scarves, keys, bus passes, etc.




The other add-on is for a luggage slot for your trolley suitcase. I think we’ve all struggled a little with our own personal bag when we’re at the airport. We try to put it on the suitcase and it falls down or hangs off of it awkwardly.

This feature will allow you to travel easily by adding a luggage slot to the back of your full size Modern Coup bag. I’ve created the slot to be universal in size, so it will fit all trolley wheeled luggage handles.





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