Custom Bag: Large Zippered Tote|Diaper Bag | Waxed Canvas and Leather| Charcoal Grey and Brown

What I really like about running a small business (micro-business really) are the connections I make with my customers. This tote was made for Joanna in Kingston, Ontario, Canada (about 3 hours drive east of Toronto). Her husband’s job as a research scientist led them from London, England to Washington, DC and now to Kingston. Joanna asked me to make her a large version of the Medium Zipper Tote to use as a diaper bag because this Superwoman has 4 boys (aged 16, 6, 4 and 19 months).

I felt a sense of duty to make her the best possible diaper bag. I can barely keep up with my 2 little boys and here she is, in a new country raising 4 boys. She has my utmost admiration.

Joanna was so nice. She shared with me, through email, her experience as a mom and her thoughts about Kingston and Toronto. I appreciate the time she took to email me, as I can just imagine how busy her daily life is.



Here’s a side by side picture of the large tote vs. the Medium Zipper Tote to show you the size difference. The large one is really hefty. It’s good as a diaper bag, work bag and will carry a 15″ laptop. The medium one is good for everyday and will carry a 13″ laptop.

Unlike Vancouver, Eastern Canada’s winters are really cold. Joanna requested longer straps so that the bag will go over her shoulder when she wears her Canada Goose jacket. I made the shoulder drop 11.5″, rather than the usual 9.5″ drop. I also cut the straps wider to carry more weight.

Large Zippered Tote Size: 18.5″ wide x 13″ high x 6″ deep



Here’s the side view of the bag. The depth of the bag is 6″. This is the perfect width for this bag to carry your belongings without distorting the shape of the tote.



The Medium Zipper Tote has 4 inside pockets (2 water bottle pockets and 2 large pockets). This large one has 5 interior pockets (2 water bottle pockets, 2 medium size pockets and 1 large one). I like organization. It’s especially important when you’re using it as a diaper bag, as you have to be able to find things quickly. Little people can’t wait for anything!


*** The Large Zippered Tote is only available through custom order. Please contact me if you’re interested in this one or want one made for your specific needs. Thanks! cathy[at]




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