Bridle Leather Shipment Has Arrived!

I’m always excited when a new shipment of material arrives. This week, I’m just ecstatic because it’s my 1st shipment of bridle leather in full hides. I used to purchase them in smaller quantities and ask the supplier to cut them up in 2″ wide strips for shipping. It was very expensive doing it that way because buying small quantities of anything is going to cost more.

Hides of bridle leather in chestnut brown and black came in. The studio and my mom’s living room was filled with leather. I spent 2 days cutting it down to manageable pieces.


They are used for the bag straps because it is so strong and beautiful. If you want to know more about why this is my preferred leather for the totes and bags, please refer to my previous post, “ 5 Reasons Why I Use Bridle Leather on My Waxed Canvas Bags.”





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