Custom Order: It’s a Magician’s Pouch!

I was contacted by Mike, a Vancouver magician, who wanted a leather pouch made for him. Basically, he needed a pouch that will fit a pack of Bicycle playing cards into and he wanted to be able to hang it off his belt (holster style).

I must admit that this was sort of a strange request for me. I’ve made bags specifically for customers’ 13″ MacBook Airs, 15″ laptops and travel needs, but never for a pack of playing cards. However, I was intrigued by  the thought that a magician is going to use something I made for him on stage and decided to take this on. After all, it’s magic!

Mike showed me a few pictures of what he had in mind. What I did with it was streamline the design to make it very minimal. I used a black cowhide leather and nickel hardware, as he requested. This pouch was all hand stitched. Even though it looks like a simple pouch, hand stitching leather takes quite a long time and takes many tools.

Mike really liked this pouch and wanted some other leather work projects done for him for his magic shows. He showed me what he needed, so now I know how some of his magic tricks work! (I promised to keep his trade secrets). Anyhow, I referred him to some other Vancouver leather makers because I feel these were things that veered too much away from bag making. So that was my fun little side project.




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