6th Annual Italian Day 2015 On Commercial Drive

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I updated the blog. It’s been difficult keeping up with everything with little sleep. Nol is 9 months old now and he hasn’t been sleeping well because his 2 bottom teeth are coming out. Other than taking care of the kiddos and keeping up with orders, I’ve fallen short on updating the blog. I plan to change that this summer though and show you more often what’s going on around the city and in my micro-business world.

The weather is getting warm in Vancouver, around the mid-20s celsius. There’s a few events going on in the city and the first one my family and I went to this weekend is Italian Day on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Traditionally, this area is known as “Little Italy” with Italian cafes and restaurants. However, in recent years, Commercial Drive has been gentrified and you will find a variety of different businesses there.

It’s my first time at Italian Day and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of people there and it got pretty crowded. It was nice to walk on the street though, since 13 blocks were closed to traffic from Broadway to Venables Street.

modern-coup-vancouver-italian-day-2015-moja-coffeeThis is a beautiful little cafe we passed by. I love the white exterior and the brick wall interior.


modern-coup-vancouver-italian-day-2015-grilled-sardinesThis Portuguese vendor was grilling sardines on a huge charcoal barbecue. (I LOVE BBQ!) It seemed like the most popular food stall with a long line up.

modern-coup-vancouver-italian-day-2015-bbq-chickenThe same Portuguese vendor as above were also barbecuing half chickens.


modern-coup-vancouver-italian-day-2016-hot-dogsThere were quite a few food stalls grilling hot dogs. That’s always a favourite for most people I guess.


modern-coup-vancouver-italian-day-2016-candy-applesThis is a fun free event to take your family and kids to. There are a lot of treats like these candied apples.


modern-coup-vancouver-italian-day-2015-cotton-candyOf course, cotton candy is always popular with the kids…and adults alike.



There were also quite a few clothing, hats and accessories vendors. Some handmade and some not.



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