Grandma’s Daycare Is Up and Running Again

I set up my studio at my mom’s home, so that she (and oftentimes my dad) can help me take care of the kids while I work. I’ve been back working for the last 3 weeks. Now there are 2 little men and it can get pretty busy with meals, play, naps and other things. I leave my studio door open because the older one likes to come in to see what I’m doing and I like to know what’s going on out there in the living room.


modern-coup-home-studio-nolThis is Nol with his baby Legos. He just likes to throw all the toys out of the box and make lots of noise. It’s his thing right now and as you can see, he’s quite serious about it.


modern-coup-studio-daycareIt’s a good day when both of their nap schedules match up. It’s quiet time for everyone. I don’t think you can fully appreciate silence until you become a parent. Naps are to keep parents (and grandparents) sane. These little people have so much energy.




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